No. 1 Summer Holiday Entertainment

I am sat at my local train station (at the time of writing) waiting for my delayed train as usual. I thought now would be a good time to jot a few words down for this website.

The sun is still blaring into my eyes at nearly 7pm which provides a strong reminder that summer is well and truly here. Those who have children old enough may naturally link the summer with the kids summer holidays. Six weeks of children in desperate need of energy burning which can prove to be a rather tricky task for us parents, especially when you have more than one.

I thought I’d recommend something that your child/children would love, well at least mine do. You would need to have a garden though so if you do not own one then apologies in advance because I’m not sure you’ll want this crammed into your living room or bedroom.

About four years ago or so the in-laws wanted to buy a Christmas present that our then three children could use, we had not long lived in our house and our garden which is a decent size was pretty empty. They decided that a trampoline would be a good idea. They gave us a choice of 8ft, 10ft and 12ft so we went for 10ft size as it was in between. The missus took a bit of persuading because they do take up quite a bit of space and we didn’t have much of an idea as to how often the kids would use it.

I’m no DIY king, in fact DIY and I are not friends but putting it together was pretty straight forward. Surprisingly so given the size of it.

We have nets around ours to stop children falling out onto the floor, I’d kinda recommend this option if possible. I’ve seen many that do not have the nets surrounding it which I can’t help but feel this is an accident waiting to happen. We also got a trampoline cover to pull over it when you’ve finished in case of rain. We might have used this 3 times or so. Found it too much hassle to be honest, maybe that’s just my laziness so if you have the motivation to cover it then do so because if it rains then jumping is out of bounds.

Like all new toys it was fully appreciated and well used. Our eldest used it the most, she was 9-10 years of age when we first got it and she would use it after school and on weekends. She would invite her friends over so they could spend time jumping on the trampoline or simply to relax on and natter about the latest boy band group I’d imagine.

She began to enjoy it so much that we started taking her to trampoline lessons which almost sounds like defeating the purpose of owning one in the first place but it’s quite the opposite. She thrived at it as she had already had her own personal experiences on it. She has only recently moved away from the lessons and onto gymnastics instead.

Our eldest son who is now 7 started getting into using the trampoline. He is naturally very sporty and well coordinated so he picked up a lot from his older sister. To the point where he was doing her routines without actually going to any lessons. He eventually started taking up lessons himself although not as long as his older sister.

There is 17 months age difference between him and his younger sister (have you caught up?) so they spent a lot of time on it together. Whether that be rolling around or jumping.

If your children are young then I would advise them taking turns rather than jumping together. Our son is bigger and stronger than his younger sister so his jumps would upset her balance at first as she was not as steady on her feet. So we quickly noticed that it probably wasn’t safe enough to allow them to jump freely together. It is not a problem now though, they are both littleĀ  trampolining experts and yes you’ve guessed it our youngest daughter also took up trampoline lessons but like her sister she has moved onto gymnastics instead.

Summer evenings are very nice, especially during summer holidays or weekends when they do not have to rush to bed.

I’ve had my fair share of jumping on our trampoline and I tell you what, it’s not as easy as it looks. It is a great quick work out but for me there is something incredibly soothing and relaxing about lying down on the trampoline on a summers evening. I’ve made a deal with myself (I’m weird like that) that I will have a nice nap on that trampoline on a summers evening at some point, hasn’t happened as yet but I will get round to it.

So in short, if you are looking to occupy your little cherubs and you have the space for it then I would highly recommend getting your hands on the biggest trampoline possible because they keep the kids interested for a long period of time and if your bed breaks they could come in very handy.


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