5 Annoyances That Parents Face

Hello again,

Apologies for my absence, life has a habit of getting in the way of the additional things I want to do. I have been meaning to write this for a few months now but I thought I’d do it after I responded to that work email, or once I fixed the shed door, or maybe my son’s bike wheel or…. you catch my drift.

Anyway have no fear, because I am hear and I promise not to leave it so long next time.

So, before having children, did you ever hear something along the lines of the following?

‘You cannot prepare yourself for parenthood, you’ll only understand when you’re a parent’

I’m willing to slam my chips down and bet that you’ve heard a variant of that at some point before you first held your bundle of joy.

This is usually to imply that changes are down to your baby rather than anything else. Well, us parents know that this is not exactly true. We start to view the world around us a little differently or at least start to realise how many people lack common sense.

I am going to point out 5 common and annoying situations parents find themselves in.

1) Stopping in front of the buggy

Don’t you just love when you are pushing your buggy/pushchair along, minding your own business for someone ahead of you decides to stop dead in front of your buggy. Instead of stepping to one side, they look at you waiting for you to maneuver around them. You know because that is a lot easier than stepping to one side to let you get past.

2) Adults that give your child food without asking

Ok, so you are trying to do a good deed here and that is very nice of you and all. But there are a few reasons why a bit of common sense should be applied.

“Err no thank you, my 6 month old doesn’t really want a hard boiled sweet but thanks all the same” or how about when the person in question looks like he/she hasn’t washed their hands for 3 years.

It can be quite an awkward situation because you don’t want to offend but first things first, you should not compromise when it comes to your children. If you would say no to a family member of friend then don’t feel bad for saying no to a stranger.

3) Mr or Mrs big mouth

Another adult annoyance is being around people who are not capable of knowing what is acceptable or more to the point what is not acceptable to say in front of your kids.

“You hear about that killer that is on the loose? I hear he lives not far from here”

How about close your gob until we can talk when my seven year old son isn’t standing next to me. I dunno, it just seems like common sense to me. They have plenty of time to learn that this world of ours isn’t always a nice place but it is definitely not a good idea to teach them this during their childhood.

4) Mr or Mrs foul mouth

This is very similar to number 3 and I suspect that I shall have a few readers who disagree with this one. I have come across and know a few parents who feel it is fine to swear in front of their kids.

“For Fakks sake, I told you to tidy your room”

Personally I hate it, probably because it was more than frowned upon when I was growing up. It was simply a no no. I don’t think I swore in front of my parents until I was in my twenties. So maybe it’s more of a personal thing but I hate hearing people f-ing and blinding in front of my children.

5) So little one, what do you make of the implications of strategic policies?

Have you ever come across some people who clearly do not have children or by the looks of it, have never come into contact with a child before so they simply do not have a clue how to communicate with them. Either they speak to them as if they are half their age or they speak to them as if they are adults, asking ridiculous questions that the kids have no idea what they are talking about. I tend to think my children are fairly bright kids generally but ask them to talk about Quantum Physics and well, they won’t have a bloody clue what you’re talking about obviously.

I’m sure I could come up with plenty more examples but it would be interesting and fun if you guys could contribute to some more. Drop them in the comments section (Link top of article)


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